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META Founder Gary Sinclair teaching one of the processes to heal memories in seconds!

Gary in Australia

The Memory Energy Therapy Association (META) is an organization for professionals using memory energy therapies to help you restore what has been worn away by the challenges of life.

Memory Energy Therapy is an Approved Training Provider by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists


Passionate professionals want to help you reconnect with the real you by restoring your heart, your hopes, and your life; providing you with an opportunity to become the person you have always desired to be.

Using unique processes, we can help you to heal traumatic memories, including those associated with PTSD.

"I was explaining Soul Link to a client and she said, 'Let's do it!'
She had already forgiven the person involved and still the memory was a 10.
I did Soul Link asked if the memory was neutralized.

She bursts out into tears and said 'it's gone!

I remember stairs but that's it' we talked for another 2 minutes and then she said 'I told you something, a word about the memory and now I don't even remember what that word was.'
More tears and hugs!"

- Lorri Kulberg - Certified Memory Mentor
You can discover how you have been manifesting your whole life and learn how to change your future by changing what you are manifesting right now.
You can learn how to release your internal energies and change the thought processes that hold you back. The only gift each of us has been given full responsibility for is the gift of thought. Thus, thinking is the occupation of life.
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We can help you to see a new future and even redesign it!


Awesome! I am excited to share with you and help you learn about what I have been studying for over 30 years!

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