Benefits of Being a Member of the META

Our Purpose Related to Our Membership

• To help promote, provide, and educate about memory energy methodologies

• To provide a resource for memory energy therapists including information and education

• To establish guidelines for the practice, training, and certification of memory energy therapists

• To promote the recognition of memory energy therapies as a viable therapeutic modality

As a member of the META you are part of an organization that is committed to advancing the practices of Memory Energy Therapy and receive the aid and support of the staff of META to help you in your efforts.

Upon completion of your certification as a Memory Energy Therapist

• You are authorized to use the META symbol on your promotional materials and can be added, at your request, to our list of certified therapists at the appropriate level of certification

• You are authorized to use the forms, scripts, and methodologies contained within your training manuals (You are not authorized to copy or duplicate the manual in any way nor allowed to audio or video record this work without written authorization.)

• You will be kept informed on the latest news and training opportunities offered by META

• As a certified member you will have the ability list your upcoming events on our website

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