Soul Link™ and Awareness in Consciousness™ Certification Requirements

Restoration workshop (You must personally go through a Restoration workshop)

Soul Link™ and Awareness in Consciousness (SL&AIC) Certification Class Instructional Hours – minimum 14 hours (2 days)

Due to the nature of the two day class, you will be proving your skill level in the training so that you end with Certification. If at the end of the course the instructor does not feel you are demonstrating a high level of proficiency and understanding you will not receive your certification at that time, but will be given additional time to develop the needed proficiency.

At the conclusion of the two day training, you are considered Certified in the use of SL&AIC for Individual Sessions Only. NO ONE is authorized to teach any form of group sessions or training until approved by META and Gary Sinclair.

Want to become certified for group sessions?


Soul Link™ and Awareness in Consciousness™ Small Group

If you desire to use Soul Link™ and Awareness in Consciousness™ (SL&AIC) with small groups, you must have:
1. Shown proficiency in working with clients.
2. Have taken you own personal Restoration Class. Note: This is not Certification in Restoration.
3. There will be a fee for certification as a group session instructor.
Inform META, in writing that you desire to increase your certification beyond individual sessions and have met the requirements already outlined. You must inform META of your desire to move beyond individual sessions BEFORE starting your next phase.

Further documentation requirements are being considered by META at this time and you will be informed of any additional requirements that will aid in our ongoing research when they are ready.

When approved, there will be additional requirements which have not yet been established. There will be a reasonable fee related to that training and a usage fee related to additional people you then train to do SL&AIC with additional paperwork or online registrations requirements.

Approximately every one (1) to two (2) years there will be a planned session to update the training from information and changes that we have made. There will be a requirement to maintain your certification and with the success available to you, you would not desire to miss them.

When a META Governing Board or Agency is established to control the flow of Certifications, you will be required to submit to that governing board and consent to follow the rules and regulations that are established related to your registration. There will be a minimal fee to that board.

There is NO TRAINERS TRACK at this time. Further information will be made available as it becomes necessary. No one is authorized to train in SL&AIC without having their certification as a Certified Restoration Trainer.