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          My Memory Makeover Training Application Form  for those who want to Make Money and Do Good at the Same Time!


Everyone’s a healer. Or wants to be.

So much so, it almost doesn’t even impress people anymore.

Think about it. The last time you were in a conversation about healing and someone said “let’s do this right now”.

We’re about to change that game for good.

You’re here today and I want to see if you want to be part of this movement with me.

What’s the movement? (Glad you asked).

Doing good AND making money at the same time.

You see, for years I’ve helped thousands with Soul Link and Restoration. I’ve helped so many get stunning results. You may personally have experienced this.

Dozens of people have even been certified to help others.

Wellness practitioners, energy workers, life coaches. All sorts of backgrounds.

And yet, there was always one big gap.

Making money along the way.

There, I said it.

Sadly, the world often believes that doing good is either something you do for free, or something you do “for the passion”, barely paying the bills along the way.

You are supposed to do this for the good you bring to the world.

That “world” sucks.

You know why, don’t you.

Because you can’t make a huge impact if you’re constantly chasing nickels and dimes to pay the bills.

Cadey Charfen, entrepreneur mom from Austin says “the saddest thing in the world is a broke philanthropist”.  I agree.

And healers and life coaches not making real money are in the exact same boat.


I’m so excited to share this news with you now!

My son Dan and I have partnered with three amazing entrepreneurs and their team to take the great work of Soul Link and Restoration to the world.

We’ve created a License Program that ensures you do good and make money at the same time.

We’re calling it Six Figure Energy Therapist, although there is so much more to this.

And thanks to our new partners, we’re guaranteeing a six figure income for everyone that we accept in this new License Program.

So if you’d love the ability to earn six figures AND desire to help hundreds of others deal with their trauma for good, then read on.

Today may very well change your life forever.

About The Program

This License Program is going to be very comprehensive and cover all aspects of generating leads, converting them into clients, adding value & impact, and monetizing along the way.

Our new partners have done this many times before, but never with something so powerful as Soul Link and Restoration.

And you're here today with the opportunity to apply and become part of this team.

We are still in the pre-launch phase. We want to prove this new model before we launch to the whole world in the New Year.

Assuming you qualify . . .

To be clear, we're not talking about being "bank qualified." We're talking about qualifying based on character, not credit. Who you are matters, as well as, how you live your life and serve others.

And because our new partners know the power of proving this, we’ve decided to finance 80% of the investment for the first 50 people, assuming you qualify.

You’re here because, you’ve experienced our work, or met others that have or heard about the amazing results of the work. The core work has been getting stunning results since the day I began applying it.

And now, we have the business strategies to ensure each of our Licensee Partners can make real money at the same time.

Note, this is not for everyone.

If you need everything figured out and tested, wait a few months.

We want people ready to test and measure. To share results and add their own ideas. We’re creating a great big “dolphin pod” of like-minded wellness people. So you need to work well with others too.

Once we have this all figured out, the investment will be $25,000 USD plus training travel costs. This is a real business, with real impact.

That said, for the first 50 people that qualify, we’ll finance 80%. And you only pay the 80% when you’ve earned your first one hundred thousand dollars!! That means you pay $5,000 and the remaining $20,000 you don’t pay until you’ve earned $100,000!!

So you’ll have just enough skin in the game to engage, listen and learn. We’ll carry all the rest of the cost.

We want to change the world!

And we’ll work with each and every one of you to ensure you absolutely rock.

We will ensure you have the skills, accountability and mentorship to make a real living at this.

Virtual training, group coaching, high-end masterminds, live events and even some scalable done-for-you services.

Consider this.

Imagine that you had a business consultant help you every step of the way.

Imagine you’re running a business that delivers awesome impact and truly changes peoples lives every single day!

Imagine that you had programs and services that could earn you real money and give real results.

Imagine if you had a marketing partner dedicated to helping you create a constant stream of quality leads for your services.

Imagine if your marketing partner built an entire marketing funnel for you that took potential prospects who opted in and drove them to a Master Class that educated your ideal customer about why they should call you about your services.

Imagine, further that you are working with a mentor to plan the growth of your business long-term.

Finally, imagine you earned at least one hundred thousand dollars a year from all this good work.


One of our team is screening candidates for this to ensure we can crush it for you.

So fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to schedule a time to talk, so we can figure out if you’re a good candidate for this.

This conversation will be a no obligation chat to see if we can help you become a Six Figure Energy Therapist. If so, and you think it’s a great fit, we can discuss how to make it happen from there.

But don’t let these 50 spots fill up!

Love you to life!

Gary Sinclair

Creator of Soul Link and Restoration 

Founder of Memory Energy Therapy Association, Inc.

Complete this application to be considered for the program!