Medical Peer Review

IJCAM Medical Peer Review

On January 19th, 2016, The International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (IJCAM) published a research article on Gary Sinclair's revolutionary energy neutralizing technique, "Soul Link™". This ground breaking work is taking the energy arts by storm and changing the way people are experiencing freedom from traumatic memories, opening the door to deeper work that must be done through whole life freedom programs like Restoration Workshops provided by META.

Internation Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Research Article Negative Memory Healing in Seconds

After 35 years of teaching self-help techniques, Gary Sinclair has continued to refine his work so that it is possible to neutralize negative memories in approximately 20 seconds. Soul Link™ opens the door to your heart's energy flow by using your hands as jumper cables to connect thought memory with the energy flowing through all the meridians of the body. Gary has been using Soul Link™ since June 2014 with 95% success for first time users in a "content free' environment. It addresses the full spectrum of memory from minor memories to the pathologic anxiety associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder otherwise known as PTSD. We invite you to download and read the IJCAM peer-reviewed research article and see for yourself how this ground breaking work can help you to help others.

Certification to use Soul Link is part of the Memory Mentor Level 1 Certification.