YES! – Your Empowering Spirit by Gary Sinclair – with forward by Uri Geller


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“Miracles are interactive evens that have a beginning inside of you. At the level of desire you create the seeds of miracles. At the other than conscious level dwells Your Empowering Spirit who, as an obedient servant, makes literal truth out of what you think or say as a direct command of action about YOU.”Gary Sinclair

Comments about YES! your Empowering Spirit

“I laud your groundbreaking efforts in what may prove to be the future of medicine.”Dr. Bruce Lipton: Author of The Biology of Belief

“Gary Sinclair has a wonderful message of hope, aspiration, and confidence that uplifts the spirit and motivates the listener to even higher levels of achievement.”Brian Tracy: International Motivational Speaker

“Gary’s description of the mental Sense-O-Rama is hilarious and fascinating, astonishing and moving. I defy anyone to read Chapter Five and not be itching to try these techniques!”Uri Geller: Author Mind Medicine