My Memory Makeover - Restoration™

is about restoring your life

and re-designing your future!

Restoration is a life-changing experience. This workshop is one where, as a participant, you actively engage the feelings and emotions that have held you back, hurt you, or have disempowered you from moving forward in life. During the two-day workshop, you will learn about the process you have been using to manifest your whole life. Simply knowing this and paying attention to it will change your life.

Using unique and powerful processes like Soul Link™ and Awareness and Consciousness™, you will learn how energy goes where you pay attention and that your intention creates the end result.

As science turns more to the field of Energy Medicine and Epigenetics, Restoration has been recognized as years ahead of its time by using the energy that is who you are to create balance and wholeness in your life. The Law of the Mind and thus of the body is belief! Restoration changes what you believe is possible and empowers your life anew. Restoration takes you from having the energy of life living you, to you living as and learning to control the energy of life!

Money Back Guarantee!

We offer a money back guarantee in the middle of the second day of training if you are not convinced that you have made significant changes in your thoughts, your life, and your future! We want you to succeed. We believe in what we do! If you are not convinced by the middle of the second day we will refund your money completely!

Restoration is a powerful course designed to connect you with your heart and release you from the control of negative energy and thoughts.

What can happen in a two-day My Memory Makeover - Restoration course?

Each course is slightly different and is tailored to the needs of participants. It is highly probable that you will experience most, if not all, of these opportunities:

• Learn how and why you have been manifesting your whole life

• Learn several unique processes so that you can use them after the class is over! This includes Soul Link, Awareness in Consciousness, Running Programs, and other amazing processes that will change your life and the world around you. Life is an inside job and that is where most of the changes take place.

• Learn how to find yourself as Awareness in Consciousness and experience life as Spirit

• Discover the basic core reason and purpose you were born to live

• Fall in love with who you are on the inside and become Love Living, not just Love Seeking

• Integrate all parts of who you are on the inside to the point where you recognize yourself in Wholeness

• Learn to live from your Highest Self in Wholeness as you move into Oneness/Enlightenment

• And much, much, more!ting strategies is a part of this course.

And with a money-back guarantee think of all you can gain with no risk!

 Even More information on Restoration

So you want to know more and really dig deep into this process! Fantastic!

We appreciate that you are taking the time to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the process. This will help to prepare you for the incredible journey that you are now deciding to take. Here are more of the exciting things that can happen during a Restoration training:

• Learn to remove the foreign energy connections or control of others (Learn how to live your life without trying to prove your parents, or others, right or wrong any longer)

• Find out and learn how to chronologically balance all the emotions and feelings from past memories and then arriving at now with potentially nothing still bothering you (including other than conscious memories)

• Find the life lessons associated with some of your major emotional reactions to life (this is a really powerful experience)

• Recognize and/or Release the energetic genealogical, karmic, and/or past life connections that no longer serve you

• Learn the laws of energy and attraction and how to design your future of service to others using the “desires of your heart” manifesting model

• Begin to understand how to use thought to bring change, including the Epigenetic model of healing

• Learn how to make your blood flow in growth and regeneration rather than just in protection

• Activate and use the “programs” you have inside: Ex. Deep Sleep, Motivation, Healing, etc.

• Learn to trigger Remembered Wellness to speed up recovery and return to wholeness

Wow! Now think about what you will feel like after experiencing all of that!

Most people look and feel 10 years younger after experiencing a Restoration training!

Energy goes where you pay attention and what you intend creates the end result. It is a necessity that effective manifesting strategies are a part of this course.

Certification in the Restoration Process

Please refer to our Advanced Memory Mentor Certification Training.