Memory Energy Therapy


Memory Energy Therapies

META Therapies

Using unique and powerful processes like Soul Link™ and Awareness and Consciousness™, you will learn how energy goes where you pay attention and that your intention creates the end result.

Soul Link™

Soul Link™ (Pat. Pending) is the process which neutralizes traumatic memories in seconds! This process will put a tool in your toolbox that will allow you to change not only your life, but the lives of your clients! 

Soul Link™ in addition to Awareness and Consciousness™ create a blended tool that can help you effectively release traumatic memories and pain. This will allow you to take the steps needed to find release and freedom.


Restoration is about restoring your life and redesigning your future! Restoration is a life changing experience. This work¬shop is one where, as a participant, you actively engage the feelings and emotions that have held you back, hurt you, or have disempowered you from moving forward in life. You will learn about the process you have been using to manifest your whole life. Simply knowing this and paying attention to it will change your life. Rather than having the energy of life living you, learn to live as the energy of life!

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